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Located in the Northeast (NY, NJ, MA, CT, RI, VT, ME, NH, or PA)?  We service customers throughout the Northeast. We can send a representative to your location.

Call us to schedule a visit from a representative. Call (518) 527-2576. Or email us at

The Northeast Book Company takes care of everything--we box the books, remove the books immediately and write a check to you that day.

Located outside of the Northeast? We work with customers nationwide by sending pre-paid labels to you at no charge.

To start selling books follow these steps:
1. Locate the ISBN #'s on your textbooks.
(These are the 10-digit or 13-digit numbers located on the rear corner of most textbooks.)
The ISBN # tells us the title, publisher, copyright year and edition.
Having trouble locating the ISBN #?
Email us for help at

2. Send us an email at or complete the form above and let us know the ISBN #'s/quantities/overall condition of your books.

3. Based on the information that you provide, we will produce a quote for your books.
This will tell you how much you will be paid for your books.

4. We will email you pre-paid shipping labels to ship the books. We pay shipping!

5. You package and ship the books to the Northeast Book Company.
Upon receiving your books, we will email you confirmation and check-in price.

6. A company check is mailed to you immediately. Or payment can be made to a PayPal account.
You decide.